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Breach of Privacy Charges Defense Attorneys

Internet trend enthusiasts guesstimate that an average of 1.8 billion digital images are uploaded to the World Wide Web every day. Of the billions of photos out there, many of these are shared on social media pages and through messaging platforms. With all these people sharing pictures over text messages and social media, it begs the question about the legality of sharing photos containing other people in the buff. Is it legal to share nude photos of others with friends and social media platforms?

Revenge Porn
As almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, taking an explicit picture and sending it to a significant other is easier than ever before. The question is: can that significant other than share that picture to other people? To answer this question, we have to look at the phenomenon of “revenge porn.”

Revenge porn is when an ex-spouse or significant other posts nude photos of their ex on the internet. This trend started to become popular over time as more and more people uploaded lewd photos of their past lovers to the internet.

Most people see this as a destructive action, so Kansas government officials decided to act.

Kansas Law HB 2501

In 2016 Governor Sam Brownback signed HB 2501, a law that outlawed the posting of nude photos or videos of a person on the internet without his or her consent in Kansas.

A charge under this law is a serious matter; here are the possible convictions:

  • When a person shares a nude photo on the internet without permission, he or she is likely to be charged with a felony conviction of breach of privacy.
  • When a person attempts to blackmail someone else with his or her nude photos, the perpetrator is likely to be charged with felony blackmail: a conviction that can result in up to six years in prison.

As you can see, posting nude pictures of someone on the internet without their permission is a serious offense. If you have previously posted nude pictures of someone without their consent, you should immediately take down the post as soon as possible.

However, many people do not know this law and mistakes can happen. If you or a loved one are accused of a breach of privacy or blackmail charge, it is crucial that you hire experienced criminal law counsel as soon as possible.

In today’s world, when two people are involved in an intimate relationship, sharing romantic text messages and other messages can evolve into sharing intimate, sexual images of one another. However, when the relationship heads south, angry partners may sometimes share private photos and videos of their ex—with the purpose of causing embarrassment and shame.

This is known as “revenge porn,” which is defined as sharing images depicting nudity without the consent of the person who was recorded. When private images are made available to the public, the victim can suffer significant damage to their personal life and professional reputation.

So far, there are 37 states that have passed legislation that criminalizes revenge porn, including Kansas and Missouri.

In Kansas, the crime is known as “breach of privacy,” which is defined as knowingly and without consent disseminating any nude or sexual photo, video, or any visual materials of another person who is at least 18 years of age with the intent to harass or intimidate the individual. The crime is a severity level 8 person felony.

In Missouri, a person can be charged for threatening the dissemination of private and sexual photos, videos, and images of another person without consent in order to gain anything of value. The crime is a Class E felony.

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How SRC Law Group Can Help

At SRC Law Group, our founding attorneys, Phil Stein, Adam Chingren, and Ashley E. Repp, are dedicated to providing the best possible representation for individuals facing breach of privacy charges. With their unique backgrounds and experiences, they offer unparalleled expertise in defending clients accused of serious crimes.

Ashley E. Repp, Founding attorney of SRC Law Group, LLC

Attorney Ashley E. Repp's unique background in both prosecuting and defending sex-related offenses makes her an invaluable asset to your defense. With over 5 years of experience as an assistant prosecutor in Platte and Clay County, Ashley specialized in sex crimes and crimes against children. Her work in this area included handling DWI/DUI cases, forging, stealing, and assault cases. Additionally, she played a crucial role as a founding member of the DWI Court in Platte County.

Ashley underwent specialized training and became a certified forensic interviewer. This experience, coupled with her work on multiple homicide cases, equips her with insider knowledge of the prosecution's strategies and tactics, which she now uses to effectively defend her clients.

Ashley's commitment to client contact and organization ensures that each case she handles receives the personalized attention it deserves. She believes that every case should be treated individually and is dedicated to fighting for her clients' rights. When you hire Ashley E. Repp, you are hiring a passionate, hard-working, and driven attorney who is not afraid to go the extra mile for her clients.

Don't leave your future to chance; take advantage of Ashley E. Repp's expertise and experience in handling sex-related offenses and other serious criminal matters. Call SRC Law Group at (913) 948-9311 for a free consultation with Ashley E. Repp to discuss your case and start building your defense today.

Adam Chingren, Founding attorney of SRC Law Group, LLC

Attorney Adam Chingren's vast experience as a public defender makes him a formidable advocate for individuals facing rape charges. Having worked on over 500 felony cases, including off-grid sex crimes and first-degree murder, Adam has developed an extensive understanding of the criminal justice system and how to navigate it effectively. His in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of criminal cases, from drafting pleadings to conducting depositions and trials, enables him to provide comprehensive and strategic representation to his clients.

Adam's successful trial record speaks to his skill in representing clients facing serious charges. He has not only argued cases in District court but has also successfully presented cases before the Kansas Court of Appeals. This experience showcases his ability to adapt and excel in different legal environments.

Recognized as a Nationally Ranked Top 10 Under 40 attorney by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2019 and 2020, Adam is committed to providing exceptional representation to his clients. His dedication to understanding the unique circumstances of each case allows him to create tailored defense strategies, which maximize the chances of success for his clients.

In addition to his legal expertise, Adam's background in civil litigation focusing on family law has given him a unique perspective on the personal and emotional challenges clients may face during the legal process. This understanding enables him to provide compassionate support and guidance to his clients as they navigate the complexities of their case.

When you hire Adam Chingren for your criminal defense in a rape case, you are securing the services of an experienced, skilled, and dedicated attorney who will fight tirelessly for your rights. Take advantage of his expertise and call SRC Law Group at (913) 948-9311 for a free consultation with Adam Chingren.

Phil Stein, Founding attorney of SRC Law Group, LLC

Attorney Phil Stein's comprehensive experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney gives him a unique perspective on handling complex criminal matters, especially rape cases. During his tenure at the Johnson County District Attorney's Office, he spent over 5 years in the Sex Crimes Division, prosecuting serious and complex sex crimes, including major felony cases such as homicides. This experience has provided Phil with a deep understanding of the strategies and tactics used by the prosecution, which he now leverages in the defense of his clients.

His extensive knowledge of forensic evidence, including biological forensics, DNA, crime scene processing, toxicology, ballistics, and computer/phone forensics, equips him to aggressively defend clients accused of serious crimes. Phil's proficiency in these areas is essential for challenging the evidence presented against you and ensuring that every aspect of your case is thoroughly investigated.

Throughout his career, Phil has maintained positive professional relationships with law enforcement and prosecutors, ensuring his clients receive the best representation possible. His commitment to client-focused representation, coupled with his aggressive approach, has made him a highly sought-after defense attorney in rape cases.

With Phil Stein's expertise and dedication to protecting your rights, you can trust that your case will be in capable hands. Don't wait any longer to secure the strongest defense possible for your case. Call SRC Law Group at (913) 948-9311 for a free consultation with Phil Stein and begin building your defense today.

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