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If You are Under Investigation By Police

A Pre-file Investigation is when a suspect is under investigation before criminal charges are formally filed by the prosecutor. If you are suspected of a crime it may not lead to an immediate arrest. If the police do not observe the crime they will investigate before making any arrest. During the police investigation, they will gather evidence and interview witnesses to determine if and what crimes were committed. The police will then pass all evidence to the prosecutor.

If you believe you are under investigation for a crime be proactive. Do not wait. Waiting to be formally charged with a crime is a mistake. Hiring a criminal defense attorney in the early stages of an investigation is of of the best decisions you can make.

Taking preventative action and hiring criminal defense attorneys before charges are filed allows your attorneys to gather exculpatory (to free from a charge) evidence. The goal of a pre-file investigation is for attorneys to build a defense to present to the prosecutor to stop charges from being filed. Prosecutors are highly motivated by having a record of successful convictions. Their win/loss record is usually what is most important to prosecutors. If the prosecutor does not believe the case is strong enough to win it's likely they won't file charges. The main goal of a pre-file investigation for criminal defense attorneys is to prevent charges from ever being filed.

While the police and prosecutor are building their case defense attorneys should be working even harder building their defense.

Do not underestimate the personal and professional damage that can happen if you are charged with a crime even if you are innocent. Hiring a criminal defense attorney before being charged does not make you look guilty even if the police try to tell you otherwise.

Common Signs You Are Under Investigation By The Police

  • The police ask you to come to the police station. Do not go before contacting a criminal defense attorney. You have the right to remain silent. You also have the right to an attorney. Police will try anything legally possible even knowingly lie to you to get a confession. Police are trained experts at manipulating you into saying what they want to hear. It is very important to never talk to the police without an attorney even if you are innocent. Police don't care about you they only want a confession so they can put you behind bars.
  • Police contact your family, friends, romantic partners, or associates. One of the first things police will do is try to connect you to the crime. They will question anyone who knows you to collect more information about you.
  • You notice police vehicles nearby. Police will use marked and marked vehicles if you are under surveillance. If you believe the police are watching you call a criminal defense attorney immediately.
  • You receive social media requests from people you do not know. Random friends or follow requests on social could be the police. Police will try to get access to your posts, photos, videos, comments, and more if they are not posted publicly.
  • You receive a notification from a utility company or bank that states that your information was shared. These companies do not have to notify you that your information was shared. If in the rare circumstance they notify you this is a red flag that you are being investigated.

Contact A Pre-File Investigation Law Firm.

If you believe that you are under investigation it is very important to have aggressive defense attorneys on your side to help prove your innocence or minimize the charges, before any actual criminal charge has been filed against you. SRC Law Group has

  • experience,
  • investigative resources,
  • and connections to law enforcement and prosecutors.

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