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Phil Stein, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Phil Stein, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our founding attorney, Phil Stein, has dedicated his career to providing top-tier legal representation for those accused of various crimes. With his vast knowledge and experience in handling unique evidentiary and legal issues, Phil is well-equipped to aggressively defend anyone accused of a crime, including property crimes. His background as both a prosecutor and defense attorney gives him a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, allowing him to devise effective defense strategies for his clients.

Phil’s extensive experience in analyzing forensic evidence, such as crime scene processing and computer/phone forensics, is particularly advantageous when defending clients charged with property crimes. In many cases, property crimes involve the collection and analysis of various types of evidence, including fingerprints, surveillance footage, and digital data. Phil's expertise in these areas enables him to meticulously review the evidence, identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case, and challenge the admissibility of evidence when necessary.

Furthermore, Phil's positive professional relationships with law enforcement and prosecutors can be beneficial for clients facing property crime charges. His ability to maintain open lines of communication and collaborate with these parties can help ensure that his clients receive the best representation possible. By leveraging his strong reputation and connections within the legal community, Phil can work towards negotiating favorable plea deals or, if necessary, fight for his clients' rights in court. Trust Phil Stein and the SRC Law Group to provide exceptional legal representation for those facing property crime charges.

Adam Chingren, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Adam Chingren, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Another founding attorney at SRC Law Group, Adam Chingren, is a dedicated attorney licensed in both Kansas and Missouri. With his background in civil litigation and experience gained at the Office of the Public Defender, Adam has worked on over 500 felony cases, ranging from DUI to off-grid sex crimes and first-degree murder. His time spent in civil litigation has provided him with a unique perspective on legal matters, allowing him to navigate the complexities of the law with ease.

Adam's extensive trial experience and knowledge of all aspects of criminal cases make him a valuable asset in defending clients against property crime charges. His expertise spans from drafting pleadings and conducting depositions to representing clients in court. Moreover, Adam has successfully argued cases in District court and before the Kansas Court of Appeals, demonstrating his ability to fight for his clients' rights in various legal forums.

Recognized for his outstanding work, Adam has been awarded the title of Nationally Ranked Top 10 Under 40 by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2019 and 2020. This distinction highlights his commitment to providing the highest level of legal representation to clients facing property crime charges. With his well-rounded skill set and unwavering dedication, Adam Chingren is the ideal attorney to defend clients against property crime charges and ensure they receive the best possible outcome in their case.

Ashley E. Repp, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ashley E. Repp, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Ashley E. Repp, a founding criminal defense attorney at SRC Law Group, has dedicated her entire legal career to the field of criminal law. Her experience as an assistant prosecutor in both Platte County and Clay County, Missouri, has provided her with invaluable insights into the prosecution's strategies, tactics, and mindset. With her specialization in handling an array of criminal cases, including property-related offenses such as trespassing and burglary, Ashley is equipped to offer her clients a comprehensive and tailored defense.

Being honest, hard-working, and driven, Ashley is committed to ensuring that each case is handled with individualized attention and care. Her fearless approach to fighting for her clients' rights, coupled with her dedication to achieving the best possible outcome, makes her a formidable advocate in the courtroom. Ashley understands the importance of open communication with her clients, and she prioritizes maintaining consistent client contact throughout the legal process.

Organization is another key aspect of Ashley's representation. By meticulously analyzing the details of each case and developing well-structured defense strategies, Ashley effectively challenges the prosecution's allegations and seeks to identify potential weaknesses in their case. Her ability to navigate the complexities of property crime cases, combined with her commitment to client communication and organization, makes Ashley E. Repp an exceptional advocate for clients facing property crime charges in Kansas City and beyond.

Is It Against the Law To Look In Other People’s Windows?

When someone's in their own home, they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Meaning, whether they're in their kitchen, bedroom, or living room, they likely feel that they are free from unwanted surveillance from others. If an individual looks through the windows of another person's home and watches them engaging in any type of conduct, that individual is breaching the expectation of privacy.

In Kansas, looking through someone else's windows is unlawful, and a person can be criminally charged for carrying out such an activity. Not only do they face charges for observing others in their home, but they can also face them for unlawfully being on the property.

A Peeping Tom

When someone watches others in their homes by looking through their windows, the watcher is what is referred to as a Peeping Tom. Kansas does not have a law specifically prohibiting Peeping Toms, but it does have one that forbids the conduct such a person engages in. This is Kansas's breach of privacy law. (K.S.A. § 21-6101 )

Under the breach of privacy statute, it's unlawful to:

  • Knowingly and without lawful authority.
  • Observe the personal conduct of another.
  • When that person expects to have privacy in the place they're in.

Although some people might think that this law only applies when a person observes another in a state of undress or while they are engaged in a sex act, that's not necessarily so. The law provides that a person commits a crime when they watch the "personal conduct" of someone else, and it is not specific to intimate acts.

When a person looks through another's windows, they can be charged with a class A nonperson misdemeanor. A conviction carries a jail term of up to 1 year.

The statute isn't only concerned with Peeping Toms. It prohibits other behaviors, such as listening to private conversations or recording people under their clothing. Basically, the law bans anyone from doing anything against a person without their knowledge or consent and when privacy is expected.

A Criminal Trespasser

The other crime a Peeping Tom can be charged with is criminal trespass under K.S.A 21-5808 . This offense occurs when someone enters or remains in a place where they have no privilege to be. Privilege is revoked when the owner of the property (or someone authorized to act on the owner's behalf) asks the other person to leave the premises or not to enter them initially.

If an individual is standing on someone else's property, looking in the window, they don't have the right to be there. Thus, they may be charged with criminal trespass.

Criminal trespass is a class B nonperson misdemeanor. It carries a conviction penalty of up to 6 months in jail. Additionally, the person found guilty of this offense is required to spend a minimum of 48 consecutive hours behind bars.

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